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Why You Need Pet Insurance

They say the Pommies dote on their pets. Proof of this is the fact that 70-80% of pet owners in the UK have private pet insurance. Most pet owners make no claim at all for 1-2 years, then have a run of illnesses requiring veterinary attention. At the end of a 3-4 year cycle, most owners are "even" or "ahead" with respect to treatment costs versus premiums.

Take Out Pet Insurance or Save?

We strongly recommend pet owners take out Pet Insurance. Despite the very best of intentions, it is difficult to remember to set aside a monthly amount in a savings account for unexpected "rainy days".

If you need a little bit more convincing, have a read of Dyson's adventures and how pet insurance has saved his owners thousands of dollars.

Examples of Specialist and Normal Veterinary Fees

We often refer cases to specialist centres. Examples of approx. costs include:

Examples of approx. costs for conditions treated at a normal veterinary practice include:

Which Insurance Company?

In Australia, there are several companies offering pet insurance. Most are underwritten by Holland Insurance so have similar exclusions etc. in their policies.

Pet Plan Australia is underwritten by Allianz
and is one of our favourites

Whichever company you choose, make sure the policy covers paralysis tick and snake bites (and for more than one occasion a year).

There are different types of plans with each company e.g. variation in the excess you pay, holiday cancellation, boarding fees, death from injury, 3rd party liability.

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