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Pododermatitis with nodules and sinuses

Dermcare logo 200There are several diseases presenting as nodules and sinuses.

Interdigital cyst syndrome

This usually occurs in short coated dogs e.g. Staffies, Bull Terriers, Great Danes and Rottweilers. In these breeds, the short bristle hair is easily pushed into the follicle by the dog's weight and toe movement.

These cases will have another folliculitis predisposing cause:

Allergy signs may be mild, therefore look at the ears:

Look for signs of scratching, rolling or face rubbing.

If only one foot is involved, consider grass seed foreign body.

Single lesions

Single lesions can be tumours; however some tumours occur as multiple lesions. The common paw tumours are epitheliotrophic lymphoma, fibrosarcoma, metastatic adenocarcinoma, mast cell and squamous cell carcinomas.

Sterile nodular granulomas which are Langerhans histiocytic disorders

There are four categories of histiocytic disorders:

Adnexal dysplasia

This is a benign nodule that may ulcerate. They are usually single but can occur as inter-digital swelling in multiple feet.

Xanthoma in cats

This is a fat granuloma that can occur in cats associated with diabetes mellitus, lipid metabolic disorders and as a side effect of megestrol acetate.


A biopsy will give an accurate diagnosis.


Some cases will be simple to treat however in others a serious prognosis will be revealed, or the biopsy will lead to an investigation of a systemic disease.

Paws8 Paws9
Interdigital cysts due to a
Staph obstructed furunculosis
Sterile pyogranuloma
(cutaneous histiocytosis)
Paws10 Paws3
Focal adnexia dysplasia

Systemic histiocytosis
(there were lesions in the nose)