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Pododermatitis wth ulcerated foot pads


De-pigmentation and/or ulceration of one or more pads in aged dogs may be the only presentation of Epitheliotrophic lymphoma.

Contact allergy can occur at any age. Contact allergy to Wandering Jew should be considered if there are papules and macules on the non haired abdomen skin as well.

Drug eruptions are a rare cause of pad ulceration; the mucous membranes are usually involved as well.

Idiopathic plasma cell pododermatitis is a rare disease in the cat, which may respond to Doxycycline and Nicotinamide.

Some interdigital bacterial infections associated with allergy may ulcerate from the edge.

Paws15 Paws16
Epiheliotrophic lymphoma
caused by Mycosis fungoides
Drug eruption to Triamcinolone
Paws18 Paws17
Bacterial ulceration underrunning
pads from interdigital dermatitis
Trauma caused ulceration of a
benign tumour (focal adnexal dysplasia)