Puppy School

Paddington parker school 2The BerryHaven Veterinary Group conducts Puppy School classes. Benefits of puppy school include:

Your Very Special Trainers: Trevor and Alison Crittenden

The puppy classes are run by Trevor and his daughter Alison at our Shoalhaven Heads Clinic on Saturday afternoons. They are making the special effort of driving down from Wollongong just so oyu get the best type of puppy school experience.

They are both Delta Society trained, meaning they have a methodical reward based training system to ensure your pup gets the best possible experience. They have seen some terrible outcomes of puppy training when conducted by un-quailified "trainers" and are determined to do an excellent job.

How Many Classes?

There are 4 classes at weekly intervals allowing both owners and their pets time to re-inforce the training in between classes. We find this has the maximum chance of a successful puppy schooling.


Then book your new puppy in for one of our FREE Puppy Health Checks.

Call BHVG on  (02) 4448 5621 to book your puppy in for the next Puppy School Class and FREE Puppy Health Check